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Advantages of Using Hosted Unified Communications in Your Company

Unified communications refers to a system of communication where all communication signals are conveyed over a single network platform. The signals which consists of voice, video, messaging as well as internet communication are conveyed over the same line. Hosted unified communications is where such a communication system is managed by a third party, specifically outsourced to provide the service. The current world is experiencing a hyper-connectivity that has not been seen before. This, therefore, is why businesses need a unified communications system if they hope to succeed in the marketplace. There are numerous benefits to be realized form hosting your unified communications with a third party. Some of these advantages are outlined below.

The business spends less on capital investment. It won’t be necessary to bear the initial expense of purchasing the components used in the hosted unified communications system. Such expenses are squarely borne by the company providing the hosting service. The only thing you will need to purchase are the devices such as the actual phones you will be using to communicate as well as paying a monthly service charge to the hosting company. These expenses are just a drop in the ocean when likened to what is needed to install the whole system and keep it running round the clock.

Such a system can easily be scaled either upwards or downwards. The fact that technology is changing so fast makes it impossible to make projections on what is likely to work or not five years into the future. To deal with such uncertainty, it is necessary to have a technology that is highly flexible such as the hosted unified communications system. This will make it easier to have peace of mind because the system is flexible enough to be either upgraded or downgraded to reflect the current realities in the market place.
The business is assured of continuity in the face of disasters such as fires or vandalism. Many businesses have actually ceased to exist after a disaster occurrence which led to damage of property and loss of data. The ability to adapt is what will enable your company to arise from the ashes of such a disaster. The process of recovery is normally aided by a unified communications system which is capable of keeping your data intact with a secure server.

Unified communications system offers additional features and more functionality as compared to other setups. The quality of voice calls, for instance, will be greatly enhanced if you use unified communications. The system is normally integrated in such a way that you can even be away from the office and still transact business on behalf of the firm. It will thus be possible to have a number of employees working concurrently on the same project even if they are worlds apart from each other.

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